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This site was created to show off the various works created by Karl "NEKOSEI" Reichert. Currently this website is under re-structuring and re-design. At the moment it has new colors, with the majority of the old design. The images on this site still need updates. You are currently on the work-safe version of the site. If you wish to see the adult side (Adults only please!) click on the icon at the bottom of the menu.


Characters appearing in images on this site that I do not hold the copyrights to are not meant to infringe upon the original copyright holders. No image may be posted, altered or otherwise, elsewhere without the originating artists permission.

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update: november 22 2014

This one doesn't technically have anything new to show, however recenly I got myself a 2560x1440 resolution monitor, so naturally I started collecting and making wallpapers for it.

I've uploaded all of the ones I made from my artwork and re-rendered of my 3D works for the new resolution. Go have a look in the extras section for all of these new wallpapers.

Note: There is no 1920x1080 section for my 3D work as those are already at 1920x1080.

update: june 15 2014

Almost a year since updating... And I really have no excuse aside from working.

The 3D artwork image I'm putting up has been done for a few months actually. It was only recently I finally rendered out the 3DS versions.

Phins swimming underwater, clothed and nude versions of course, as well as 3D stereoscopic versions in the extras.

However, I did just recenly finish a hand drawn and colored image using a my new touchscreen laptop. I had no idea when I bought it that there was a stylus available for it also, so it feels a bit like fate that I purchased that model. To try it out I colored a picture of Kathrine that I drew for practice quite some time ago. Find that in the adult artwork section.

update: july 8 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

How would you guys like a topless pic of Phins?

Well then, head on over to the Adult section of the 3DArtworks to find a remake of Phins in a Tub! The poor girl only wanted to have a nice bath, and woke up not where she originally was...

Also check the Adult Extras for a 3D stereoscopic version!

update: june 27 2013

It's been a little while, and I finally got some inspiration to get this image done quickly!

Check out the 3D Artwork section for a render version of the remake of the Phin-Phin Sleepyhead picture!

And be sure to check out the 3D version of it in the extras!

update: may 14 2013

Presenting the first official image of the newly re-designed Phin-Phin!

...Yes, it's a remake. I decided that having such a beautiful new version of her, I would re-create some of my favorite images of her for many reasons including: -putting the model through it's paces and fixing things -improving the original images -learning -giving her a set of outfits -because I can :P

You can find this new image in the adult section of the 3D Artwork area, and naturally a 3D stereoscopic version in the adult extras. I recommend checking out the 3D version if you can. I must admit I was surprised just how much more "pop" the image has in 3D mode.

update: april 25 2013


I finally have completed the initial work of re-creating Phin-Phin in Maya! And she looks gorgeous if I do say so myself. You can find her debut images in the 3D Artwork section, and of course, stereoscopic 3D versions in the extras!

But that's not all! I also have the first piece of fanart of her new look, from none other than my awesome friend, Kathy Vos! Check that puppy out in the adult section of the Gifts area!

update: april 6 2013

I have been sitting on a project I started weeks ago for quite some time hoping that I would get back into it relatively quickly. Alas, that has not come to pass as of yet. So, I am posting up the images I have currently made just for the heck of it.

Batman is pretty much my favorite hero, simply because he is a hero without powers. He is a man that has decided to take a stand.

This project was to create a Batman logo, and create versions of it based on the characters of the series. I got as far as making the Batman, Riddler, and Two-Face version. My initial Joker version did not work out as well as I hoped on my first try. So either I find a new way to figure out how to do it, or I go with my Plan B. So far, I have not had the motivation to do either, and am working on something else that has been in the works for some time now.

Making a brand new original Batman logo is not as easy as it sounds. At least not for me. You will clearly be able to see the Christopher Nolan Batman logo was used as a starting point, with some major differences on how it finishes up.

You can find these in the "Maya 3D Fanart" section of the 3D Artwork area, and as always you can find Stereoscopic versions of the logos in the Extras section in both HD and 3DS variants.

update: february 13 2013

This update brings some changes to this page. Namely, the Adult section, separating out all of the naughty stuff, so that you can surf a bit safer.

Up at the top of the page is a new icon that allows you to switch between the two versions. The image on the left will also change to clearly indicate you are now in the adult section. Switching to the Adult area will keep you in that area, until you click the icon to go back to the PG-13 stuff. Yes, you will need to confirm that you wish to see the adult material each time you want to go back to it. Why? Because I refuse to intentionally put cookies on your computers. Any cookie that does show up is not of my design.

There is also some (relatively) new 3D artwork, basically I revisited the girls in their poses with the new logo, and put their clothes on. I have also created an image of all of the girls together. And of course the extras page has stereoscopic versions of all of them.

Also, there are two new PS3 themes! Once again, it's the logo girls, both a Clothed and Nude version.

And finally, all of the links in the Gifts section are working. I apparently forgot to set them up when I re-made the site. Whoops.

Hopefully I can now get my head screwed on right to start re-making my comic... Everything I need is ready for my plans... I just need to get working on it.

update: december 16 2012

This site has been updated extensively with content that has only been on my fur affinity or deviant art pages for quite some time, as well as content not seen on either.

Nothing too recent though, mostly some old comics I drew back in my Anime Alberta days, and the return of my various fanart images.

We have my stereoscopic images in the extras section, as well as my PS3 themes, with an all new theme using the NEKOSEI Spread images!

So welcome back, friend, and I hope to see you many times throughout the year.